Selected Publications (Complete List on PubMed)

Research Articles

PDF Carbaugh DL, Baric RS, Lazear HM (2019) Envelope protein glycosylation mediates Zika virus pathogenesis. Journal of Virology. 93(12):e00113-19.

PDF  Lazear HM, Govero J, Smith AM, Platt DJ, Fernandez E, Miner JJ, Diamond MS (2016) A Mouse model of Zika virus pathogenesis. Cell Host and Microbe. 19(5):720-30.

PDF  Lazear HM, Daniels BP, Pinto AK, Huang AC, Vick SC, Doyle SE, Gale M Jr, Klein RS, Diamond MS (2015) Interferon lambda restricts West Nile virus neuroinvasion by tightening the blood-brain barrier. Science Translational Medicine. 7(284):284ra59.

PDF  Widman DG, Young E, Yount BL, Plante KS, Gallichotte EN, Carbaugh DL, Peck KM, Plante J, Swanstrom J, Heise MT, Lazear HM, Baric RS (2017) A Reverse Genetics Platform That Spans the Zika Virus Family Tree. MBio. 8(2)pii: e02014-16.

PDF Collins MH, McGowan E, Jadi R, Young E, Lopez CA, Baric RS, Lazear HM, de Silva AM. (2017) Lack of Durable Cross-Neutralizing Antibodies Against Zika Virus from Dengue Virus Infection. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 23(5):773-781.


Reviews & Commentaries

PDF Lazear HM, Schoggins JW, Diamond MS (2019) Shared and distinct functions of type I and type III interferons. Immunity. 50(4):907-923.

PDF Casazza RL, Lazear HM (2018) Antiviral immunity backfires: Pathogenic effects of type I interferon signaling in fetal development. Science Immunology. 5;3(19). pii: eaar3446. PMID 29305463

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PDF  Lazear HM (2017) What to Expect When You're Expecting Zika. Cell Host and Microbe. 21(3):305-308.

PDF  Lazear HM, Nice TJ, Diamond MS (2015) Interferon-λ: Immune Functions at Barrier Surfaces and Beyond. Immunity. 43(1):15-28.