Selected Publications (Complete List on PubMed)

Research Articles

PDF Carbaugh DL, Baric RS, Lazear HM (2019) Envelope protein glycosylation mediates Zika virus pathogenesis. Journal of Virology. 93(12):e00113-19.

PDF Mattocks MD, Plante KS, Fritch EJ, Baric RS, Ferris MT, Heise MT, Lazear HM. (2019) Zika virus infection in Collaborative Cross mice. bioRxiv.

PDF  Lazear HM, Govero J, Smith AM, Platt DJ, Fernandez E, Miner JJ, Diamond MS (2016) A Mouse model of Zika virus pathogenesis. Cell Host and Microbe. 19(5):720-30.

PDF  Lazear HM, Daniels BP, Pinto AK, Huang AC, Vick SC, Doyle SE, Gale M Jr, Klein RS, Diamond MS (2015) Interferon lambda restricts West Nile virus neuroinvasion by tightening the blood-brain barrier. Science Translational Medicine. 7(284):284ra59.

PDF  Widman DG, Young E, Yount BL, Plante KS, Gallichotte EN, Carbaugh DL, Peck KM, Plante J, Swanstrom J, Heise MT, Lazear HM, Baric RS (2017) A Reverse Genetics Platform That Spans the Zika Virus Family Tree. MBio. 8(2)pii: e02014-16.

PDF Collins MH, McGowan E, Jadi R, Young E, Lopez CA, Baric RS, Lazear HM, de Silva AM. (2017) Lack of Durable Cross-Neutralizing Antibodies Against Zika Virus from Dengue Virus Infection. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 23(5):773-781.


Reviews & Commentaries

PDF Lazear HM, Schoggins JW, Diamond MS (2019) Shared and distinct functions of type I and type III interferons. Immunity. 50(4):907-923.

PDF Casazza RL, Lazear HM (2018) Antiviral immunity backfires: Pathogenic effects of type I interferon signaling in fetal development. Science Immunology. 5;3(19). pii: eaar3446. PMID 29305463

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PDF  Lazear HM (2017) What to Expect When You're Expecting Zika. Cell Host and Microbe. 21(3):305-308.

PDF  Lazear HM, Nice TJ, Diamond MS (2015) Interferon-λ: Immune Functions at Barrier Surfaces and Beyond. Immunity. 43(1):15-28.