Upcoming Events

Look for us at these upcoming meetings and seminars:

June 9-13: Keystone Symposium on Positive-Strand RNA Viruses (Killarney, Ireland)

Derek Carbaugh: “Envelope protein glycosylation mediates Zika virus pathogenesis”

June 12-15: American Society for Reproductive Immunology (Grand Rapids, MI)

Becca Casazza: “Interferon lambda signals to maternal tissues to limit Zika virus transplacental transmission in mice”

July 20-24: American Society for Virology (Minneapolis, MN)


Derek Carbaugh: “Zika virus strain variation impacts pathogenesis in mice”
Becca Casazza: “Interferon lambda signaling mediates fetal pathology during congenital Zika virus infection in mice”
Cesar Lopez: “Effect of cross-reactive non-neutralizing dengue virus antibodies on Zika virus vaginal infection”
Jenny Loome: “Temperature- and cell type-dependent replication of bat-origin vertebrate-specific flaviviruses”
Melissa Mattocks: “Collaborative Cross mice reveal that Oas1b and additional host genetic factors determine the pathogenic outcome of Powassan virus infection”

Nov 18: Stony Brook University Dept of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology (Stony Brook, NY)


April 2019: Paper accepted!

Nov/Dec 2018: Posters! BBSP graduate student Marta Cruz Cisneros presented her rotation project on the role of IFN-lambda in antiviral immunity in skin. Undergraduate researcher Leah Gilmore presented her BIOL395 project on developing tools to study vertebrate-specific flaviviruses.

Marta presents her work on the effects of ifn-l on hsv and flavivirus infection in the skin

leah presents her project developing tools to study tamana bat virus,

Nov 2018: Happy 3rd birthday, Lazear Lab! It’s going to be a great year ahead.

October 2018: Congratulations Becca!

becca cassaza presents her work on the effects of interferon lambda during congenital zika virus infection

In a busy week, Becca presented her poster at the NIH IFN-lambda meeting, passed her qualifying exam, and gave her first Virology in Progress seminar. We’re proud to have her as the newest PhD candidate in our lab!

Derek and claire at the Smart program poster session

July 2018: So long to UNC undergrads Tesia and Claire from the SMART Program.

Tesia worked with Cesar to evaluate ZIKV antibody responses to understand the immune mechanisms that protect against ZIKV sexual transmission.

Claire worked with Derek to generate isogenic ZIKV mutants representing variants found in different isolate strains to assess their replication in cell culture and virulence in mice.



July 2018: Derek, Becca, Cesar, and Clayton presented their work at the American Society for Virology Meeting at the University of Maryland:

Derek Carbaugh "Envelope Protein Glycosylation Mediates Zika Virus Infection In Vivo"

Becca Cassazza "The Antiviral Effects of Interferon Lambda at the Maternal-Fetal Interface"

Cesar Lopez "Transplacental IgG Transfer Is Maintained During Maternal Zika Virus Infection"

Clayton Morrison "Zika Virus Inhibits Toll Pathway Signaling in Mosquito Cells"

Cesar, derek, and becca - asv 2018

lazear lab at asv 2018: becca casazza, cesar lopez, helen lazear, derek carbaugh, Melissa mattocks, clayton morrison

May 2018: Welcome to UNC undergrads Claire and Tesia from the SMART program and to Clayton, a visiting scientist from the University of Mount Olive.

April 2018: Congrats to Cesar for receiving a Benjamin H. Kean Travel Fellowship in Tropical Medicine! He will spend one month at UNAN-Leon, Nicaragua studying antibody-mediated protection from Zika virus sexual transmission. Thanks to the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene for supporting Cesar's research.